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World’s most versatile and secure mobile sim card specifically designed for Burglar Alarms




Q: How do I activate my Sims 4 Alarms SIM ?
Once you receive your sim card, go to the activate page on this website and follow the steps. This will allow you to set up your online account and decide how you want your account to be set up.
Q: But I did not buy the sim from this website ?
That is not a problem. When you select, activate it will give you an option to select the website you bought it from and then register to active and top up your sim card. We recommend you save your account details so you can use it in the future.
Q: How much should I top the sim up when I buy a new sim?
We recommend the first time topping up to be £20 and subsequently £10 every 6 months. You may require a bigger top up if you test your alarm frequently or if you wish to use data on the sim. If your simcard is used for data usage or daily texting, then you want to top it up with a higher value.
Q: How do I keep my sim card active?
All the credit in the sim lasts for a minimum of 3 months on our most basic £5 topup and all our sims can be set up to auto top up at the end of the validity period or when credit drops below 80% of last top up value so your sim won't be blocked or become inactive by mistake after this period. This can be a costly mistake if the simcard is in your alarm control panel or a smart gate, as you may need an engineer to come out to replace the sim card for you. You can disable auto top up from your online account if you wish to do so.
Q: How do I know my sim is low on credit?
Unlike other sims, Sims for alarms are specifically design to handle most common alarm problems. When your credit goes below 20% of last topup, the sim will text your registered number reminding you to top it up again.
Q: How do I check my credit balance?
You can log into your account and check your balance at any time.
Q: Does this sim work on all alarm panels?
The simcard will work on most GSM units and control panels. These simcards come with sim pin that needs to be disabled the first time you put the simcard into the alarm panel. This will only work if your GSM settings allow you to input sim pin number.


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